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Building the Next Generation
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Youth Mentorship

We offer mentorship for young people to help them to be the best versions of themselves and inspire them through practical programmes and advice.

Mental Health, Anti Bullying and SEND Awareness Workshop

Due to the uprise of bullying, mental health and SEND, especially within schools, we offer a programme to give guidance and practical tools with these social issues using creative arts and poetry.

Work Experience

We offer the opportunity to impact and make a difference within the community by working with young people to uplift the next generation.


We had the pleasure of runnning the
‘Young Generations Leaders’ programme to the
Year 5 & 6 pupils at Rosetta Primary School.


YGNU is a youth support service bringing awareness to
mental health, anti-bullying and SEND through creative arts and poetry.

We work with schools and youth organisations providing workshops using poetry, role play and performance. Ensuring young people have fun whilst being equipped with knowledge and tools that is currently unavailable from mainstream settings.

The YGNU programme is especially effective for disadvantaged young people in urban communities.

We Deliver Workshop Programme for the Young Generation

We use creative arts and poetry based on anti-bullying, mental health awareness to deliver workshops in schools and youth organisations.

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